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WWCC - Working with Childrens Check


Each state has their own Working with Children Check system. You need to apply once
you are in Australia, and you cannot work without one!

Once you have applied, upload a copy of your receipt via the skill and ability form on your
Zambion home page.

Below is a break down per state of how to apply for a children check:

  • Vic Working with Children Check:
    • Complete online application form
    • Verify your identity (three original proof of identity documents) in person
    and lodge application at a participating Australia Post outlet
    • Pay application fees ($121.10)
    • You will be notified by email once you pass the check and receive clearance.
    • A card will be mailed.


  • NSW Working with children check.
    • Complete the Online application form
    • Take Email receipt, proof of identity documents and fee ($80.00) to a
    Service NSW Centre
    • Once screening process has been completed, you will receive email
    which contains your WWCC number.
    • Send through your WWCC number to for us to
    verify your detail online.



  • Northern Territory Working with Children Check
    • Complete the online application form. Through the application process
    you will need access to;
    • Valid credit/ debit card for payment (MasterCard or Visa Only)
    • Valid email address for confirmation of submission and
    subsequent communication
    • Current Australia residential and postal address
    • Documents to provide in .GIF .JPG .PDF .PNG or .TIF format
    • Identification documents – you will be asked to upload valid
    ID documents to meet the 100 point check requirement
    • Passport photo image – used on the ochre card
    • Any submission documents you wish to provide to the screening
    Authority for consideration. Word documents are not able to be
    • As the process for your WWCC application can take 4-6 weeks, We may
    need to complete an exemption form and submit to Safe NT whilst your
    application is being process. To complete this process we will need you
    to email both emails from Safe NT (acknowledgement of application
    has been received and receipt) to to complete
    exemption application.

Superannuation is a retirement fund that employers are liable to pay into.
An additional 10.5% of your salary is paid into a nominated Superannuation fund, and as an
international, when you depart Australia, you are able to close and withdraw the money. So,
consider it a Savings account!

Here are 2 websites to have a look at for further information:

There are Superannuation funds that allow you to open a Super account online and from
overseas. Google is your friend!

When you set up a Superannuation fund account, you will be issued a member number.


As OEG is a child safe organisation, we need you to complete the online training: Keeping
Children and Vulnerable People safe online course (takes about an hour) and upload your
certificate to either your onboarding form, or via the skill and ability form on your Zambion
home page.

Your log in details can be found in an email sent to your personal email address

TFN - Tax File Number

Tax File Number Declaration form allows payroll to work out the amount of tax that needs to
be withheld each pay period.

Tax file number (TFN) is your personal identifier in the Australian tax system. Once you get
your Tax File Number, it stays with you your whole life. You need to apply online for this, and
you need to be in Australia to do so – see details below.

For your Onboarding form, please enter the following information while you wait for your

-Tax File Number xxx-xxx-xxx – please enter 111-111-111 – This is a code to indicate you have
applied for you TFN.
– The Tax scale is dependent on your circumstances, please select to your circumstances
– Working Holiday Visa holders, please select WHM – Working Holiday Makers
– 408 or 482 Visa Holders – you can select either GEX Tax Free Threshold Claimed
– NEX no tax-free threshold claimed

Tax file number declaration | Australian Taxation Office (

Operoo Medical Form

You will have received an email from Operoo to complete your profile. No form to submit, just
complete your profile

Office Location

109 Goulburn Valley Hwy, Eildon Victoria 3713

479 Argyle Street, Moss Vale New South Wales 2577

9310 Caves Road, Karridale Western Australia 6288

PO Box 66, Jabiru Northern Territory 0886

Information Technology Support

IT Support Information


IT Helpdesk open hours: 8am – 6pm, Monday – Friday

For critical issues or problems that need a resolution in the next 24 hours:

  • Call IT Helpdesk on 03 57708201

For all other issues or requests:

For after-hours assistance (critical issues only):

  • Call IT Helpdesk on 03 57708201
  • Follow the prompts for after-hours service.


Onboarding Support

Office Staff

  • You will be provided with the following by your manager (or representing Team member):
    • Laptop and desk equipment
    • Login and Password
    • Printed laptop setup instructions.
    • Softphone number and / or mobile (depending on role).
  • Please speak to your manager if you do not receive these items.
  • Once you login you will find a few emails in your mailbox from OEG Helpdesk. These contain instructions / information for key IT functions such as:
    • Mailbox setup, Email filter and Phish alert process.
    • System beginners’ information and logins
Who to Contact?