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Alice Sloan Expedition

The brief

"Our Mountains, Our Journey"

The Alice Sloan Expedition originated from the tragic death of Alice Sloan on an outdoor education program in 2005. Alice was born on the first day of winter, June 1st, 1989 and lost her life at the age of 16 on the last day of winter, August 31st, 2005. In December 2005 the Alice Sloan Trust was established by her family who felt inspired by the way she lived her life with love, passion and enthusiasm. The Trust aims to provide young people, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, or the support to participate in varied pursuits including sport, dance, music, art and outdoor education. The Trust, a sub fund of the Melbourne Community Foundation, provides financial and in-kind support to enable young people from all walks of life to experience activities similarly to those Alice enjoyed and so assist their development during their formative years. Opportunities that foster fun and friendship and promote personal and skill development are the focus of activities supported by the Trust.

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Year 11

Our Mountains, Our Journey

There is something special about the Expedition… This trip will not only challenge you in a physical sense, but also in ways that will challenge your understanding of your own capabilities and strengths. The 10 days will be filled with excitement and fun. They will give you an opportunity to learn about perseverance, community spirit, self reliance and your own inner strength. Most importantly though, it may show you that some of the most important things in life are simple, non-material and have a lot to do with people you share your life with.

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Year 11

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