Roger that.

While we support young people on their path to self-discovery, we continue to learn and grow alongside them. Sometimes looking back is just as valuable as looking forward. So far, this year…

• 336 programs have been facilitated

• 24,179 students have participated in our programs

• 189 of field staff have facilitated memorable and meaningful programs for those 24,179 students

• 160 administrative staff have supported OEG in getting more students outdoors

• We have run programs across 6 States and Territories in Australia: VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS, SA, & NT

We believe in the power of experiential learning outdoors because it is:

• Meaningful – real, applied learning and experiences with purpose, actions and consequences.

• Memorable – the experience stands out and stays with you for life. It is fun yet challenging.

• Character-Building – it enables individuals to recognise there is more to themselves and others than they realised. It improves and builds upon an individual’s strengths.

• Transferable – learning life skills to apply in multiple situations and settings. It equips individuals to thrive throughout life.

What students on out programs had to say:

“This camp was such a great experience. It helped me grow as a person and taught me valuable life skills. This group made the experience so good and it was really enjoyable”

“The leaders were very friendly, and they made sure that we were being safe as well as having fun. We were allowed to be more in charge and independent which I really enjoyed, and we learnt heaps from the leaders about the environment and the history of the Murray, as well as heaps of little facts.”

“I’ve connected a lot more with my classmates even though I didn’t talk to them before.”

“I’m going to be honest, I absolutely loved this camp. Look, it wasn’t perfect every second, but that was what made it amazing. Honestly, before going I was having some serious doubts about the camp and was pretty nervous, everything from the toilets to the hiking and canoeing and the food, but the experience turned out to be extremely beneficial and most importantly fun. I would not have wanted anything to be different and I will definitely walk out of here being a better person.”

“I would describe this camp as gruelling and extremely challenging whilst you are doing it, but it is worth the adversities for the sense of pride and satisfaction.”

“It is definitely more challenging than last year’s camp, but much fun! You walk in woods, climb mountains and enjoy wonderful group activities. It is hard because independence was very crucial through the trip and camp, for you needed to do almost everything yourself: maintaining the fire, cut the food, clean dishes and pots… I felt quite helpless at first, but it is quite fun when you are in charge because no one else knows what to do!”

And the advice given by a 13-year-old for next year’s cohort?

“Really just let loose and don’t get scared to get your hands a bit dirty, it’s so much more fun when you don’t worry about the little things”


We believe the best relationships are built on trust and transparency; so, let’s see how we’re tracking.

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