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Helping young Australians get real world ready
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The Outdoor Education Foundation

The Outdoor Education Foundation is the charitable arm of the Outdoor Education Group, the largest provider of outdoor education for school students in Australia.  Established in 2018, the Foundation has provided camps and expeditions to over 1000 Victorian students. Outdoor education provides a wide range of benefits to students.  These include resilience, leadership, teamwork, and greater feelings of wellbeing.  Well-designed programs however are expensive putting them out of reach of many young Australians and their families. The Outdoor Education Group was conscious that students who would most benefit from these experiences were also the students who were most likely to miss out.  To give all young people these opportunities, the Outdoor Education Foundation was established. The Outdoor Education Foundation utilises the staff and equipment of the Outdoor Education Group to run camps and expeditions at cost.  Then by partnering with philanthropic trusts and funders, we can offer these experiences to all young people, regardless of circumstance.

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