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Be part of this innovative program. The only degree of its kind in Australia! Get your BA in Outdoor Leadership at Victoria University. Earn. Learn. And live. In the real world with the Outdoor Education Group.


We have designed the first year of this degree program to best serve you! You will be provided with all the knowledge and skills you’ll need to lead others in the outdoors.


Once enrolled in Victoria University’s BA in Outdoor Leadership you can choose from a number of internship modules that allow you to work as an OEG staff member while also fulfilling practical elements of your degree during years 2 and 3. Not to mention the opportunity to do paid work during university holidays in a job that builds your CV as you go.


We also guarantee all graduates an interview for full-time employment with OEG at the end of their studies.


Earn as an Outdoor Educator at OEG while you learn vital skills and valuable group work experience.


Learn in the Outdoors. Earn while you study. Live the life you’re passionate about.


Journey into the real world with us. Equipped with the right skills and valuable experience.


For more information visit Victoria University’s Bachelor of Outdoor Leadership page.