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Survive in the real world. Succeed in real life.

We believe that nothing prepares kids for real life like the real world. And that bumps to the body and bruises to the ego early on in life make them stronger and harder to break later.

Life is full of obstacles. Knees will get grazed. Egos, bruised. Sometimes, it will all feel like too much. But it’s not about being too strong to fall. It’s about being tough enough to get back up.


Mapping the
journey of

What do we do?

We help young Australians realise their personal best by putting them to the test. Help them to apply themselves, so they can find themselves.

We help kids grow. We help schools perform. And help parents enjoy more mature, independent children. From providing industry-leading preset courses to fully-tailored, curriculum-integrated programs, we connect with schools across the country to bring education outdoors.

We partner with schools to complement and enhance curriculums. And bring theory to life in the real world. We challenge students. Guide discovery. And provide experiences in some of the world’s most diverse and beautiful natural environments.

Hard-earned Experience.

As Australia’s most established outdoor education provider, we’ve not just got years of experience; we’re prepared for everything the future’s yet to bring.

We have access to more facilities, land, gear, and people than any other provider. We provide Australia’s widest range of hard and soft -top camps, journeys, courses, and outdoor activities in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Tasmania, and Queensland.

We employ 200+ diversely talented and experienced staff, and even have our own accredited training academy. To date, we’ve educated and cared for 2 million students (and counting).

And we’re just getting started.


We take
safety seriously.

risk management

We understand that safety is paramount. And that challenge isn’t a synonym for danger. So though we may push students outside their comfort zone — physically, mentally, or emotionally — we always keep them within arm’s reach.

We have great Risk Management Systems and Processes. In fact, the best in the business. It is the #1 reason why our clients use us. At OEG, Risk Management is at the heart of everything that we do; before, during, and after program.

Our standards align with Adventure Activity Standards, as well as international standards, and reflect over 30 years of industry leading experience. Our risk management team regularly travel the globe to bring home the very best people, tools and information. We never stop learning.


Survive in the real world.
Succeed in real life.


We believe that nothing prepares kids for real life like the real world. And that bumps to the body and bruises to the ego early on in life make them stronger and harder to break later.

We give kids the desire to overcome difficulties. Lessons and learnings with longterm benefits. A taste for toughing it out. And a better understanding of both themselves, and their place in the world around them.

We know that outdoor education is more than hard top camps and hikes; it’s teaching kids universal skills that will serve them well for life — wherever it may take them.


Life is full of obstacles. Knees will get grazed. Egos, bruised. Sometimes, it will all feel like too much. But it’s not about being too strong to fall. It’s about being tough enough to get back up.

We believe that the ability to push forward is one of the most important disciplines one can learn. We believe it’s how we deal with adversity and solve problems that counts. How we handle situations and treat people that matters.

Our courses are designed to put students to the test. See our activities, and browse our camps.


Our style of hands-on learning leads to tangible skills that help turn young students into young adults. It’s here where what is taught is truly learned.

But it’s not just tying knots and lighting fires; we’re not just teaching techniques. We teach by encouraging students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom; to understand the objective driving their decisions, and the outcome of their actions.

How can we help you to deepen your students’ knowledge through personal experience? Get in touch, and find out how we can partner with your school to tailor our programs to suit your curriculum.


There is an old and very wise Native American saying: Every time you point a finger in scorn – there are three remaining fingers pointing right back at you.

We take our responsibility seriously. We take extra measures to ensure all staff are up-to-date and accredited. Which includes having our own training program - meaning we can guarantee quality.

We get in touch and we stay in touch. Because we believe that teamwork, makes the dream work. We provide the personnel touch. Place staff on-campus and have them work face-to-face with teachers and parents. This allows them to be involved and personalise camps + journeys to meet specific needs.

Want to stay up to date? Join our mailing list, and we’ll let you know what’s happening, as it develops.


"It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth."

- Sir David Attenborough

We don’t just want to keep Australia beautiful. We see the Australia of tomorrow as a bolder, more vibrant, more beautiful place. And we know the Australia of tomorrow starts with the students of today.

We believe that understanding and enjoying the outdoors is an essential part of every student’s education. And that every person can and should play a active role in preserving and where possible, renewing it. Whether indoors or outdoors, we take care of the environments we live and work in. And take it upon ourselves to leave them as good, or better than we found them.


We have a side-arm consultancy service for Australian schools and organisations who conduct off-site activities, camps, and excursions, led by our very own Clare Dallat, an international scholar and practitioner in risk management.

Because we understand the importance of safety and are here to share that information. Clare has a Masters Degree in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management. Has completed and published PhD research. And is a regular presenter at national, and international forums.

Read some of Clare’s peer-reviewed research and findings.

All about the Teacher, the Rain and the Backpack: The Lack of a Systems Approach to Risk Assessment in School Outdoor Education Programs.

Communicating Risk with Parents: Exploring the Methods and Beliefs of Outdoor Education Coordinators in Victoria, Australia.

- Dallat, C., Salmon, P.M., & Goode, N. (In Press). Risky systems versus Risky people: To what extent do risk assessment methods consider the systems approach to accident causation? A review of the literature. Safety Science.

- Dallat, C., Goode, N., & Salmon, P.M. (Accepted for Publication, 2017). “She’ll be right”. Or Will She? Practitioner perspectives on risk assessment for led outdoor activities in Australia. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning.

- Dallat, C. (2012). Risk Communication. Dickson, T., & Gray, T. in Risk Management in the Outdoors: A Whole of Organization Approach for Education, Sport and Recreation. Cambridge University Press, Melbourne. pp. 150 – 164.

- Dallat, C. (2009). Communicating risk with parents: exploring the methods and beliefs of outdoor education coordinators in Victoria, Australia. Australian Journal of Outdoor Education. Vol. 13, No 1. pp. 3-15.

- Dallat, C., Salmon, P. M., Goode, N. (2016). More than People, Equipment and Environment; the design of a risk assessment method which considers hazards and risks throughout the led outdoor system, 7th International Outdoor Education Research Conference Book of Abstracts, pp.96-97

- Dallat, C., Goode, N., & Salmon, P.M. (2015). All about the teacher, the rain and the backpack… the lack of a systems approach to risk assessment in school outdoor education programs. AHFE 2015 Conference Proceedings ISBN: 978-1-4951-6042-4

- Salmon, P. M., Dallat, C., Clacy, A. (2017). More than just the bike: distributed situation awareness and teamwork in elite women’s cycling teams. In Contemporary Ergonomics 2017, Proceedings of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors Annual Conference, April, Daventry, UK.

- Salmon, P. M., Goode, N., Taylor, N., Dallat, C., Finch, C., Lenne, M. G. (2016). Rasmussen’s legacy in the great outdoors: a new incident reporting and learning system for led outdoor activities. Applied Ergonomics.

Practitioner Articles

- Dallat, C. (2016, April 29). All Burnt Out: Extinguishing Old Assumptions around Outdoor Cooking [Web log post]. Retrieved from

- Dallat, C. (2017, Feb 19) Time to confront the bear in outdoor program safety; aligning what we now know with what we’re currently doing. One practitioner’s call to action. Retrieved from

Want to know more? Get in touch.




We’ve been around the
lake a few times, too.

Our board is the most experienced outdoor education and risk management team in Australia. They have a wealth of experience. And are committed to creating the best possible outcomes for students, schools, communities, and parents alike.

Chair, Margaret Webb OAM

Margaret has had a long career in education; largely in Victorian independent schools. Since her retirement as Principal of Toorak College, Mt Eliza, she has continued an active involvement in education. She is deeply committed to promoting lifelong learning for all. Her involvement with OEG extends over 30 years.

Deputy Chair, Robert Pascoe

In 2000, Robert Pascoe was General Manager of Visy Special Events, responsible for development, recycling of all catering packaging products, furniture, fixtures, signage and marketing materials for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, and re-manufacture using recycled raw materials. To this day, the Sydney Olympics are still remembered as the 'Green Games.'

Director, Dr. Lorraine Smith

Lorraine Smith has more than 30 years experience in a variety of educational settings. She started her professional career as a secondary teacher in Physical Education and English in Victoria.
She has taught at Victoria University and La Trobe University. She was the Head of Outdoor Education and Nature Tourism at Bendigo for ten years before moving to The Outdoor Education Group in NSW.

Director, Craig Mitchell

Craig combined his passion for business and sport with an MBA in Sport Management at Deakin University.
Craig is currently an Associate Director in EY’s Sports, Events and Venues Consulting practice and provides strategic advice to a range of clients, including AFL clubs, Cricket Australia, the Australian Sports Commission, national sporting organisations, state sporting associations and not-for-profit organisations such as Bicycle Network.

Director, Ian Anderson

Ian has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. He started his working career at Arthur Andersen, and has also worked at Smorgon Consolidated, PGA Logistics and Mayne Nickless. His last role, prior to retirement, was as Chief Financial Officer at the Australian Football League where he worked for 15 years. Since retirement he has taken on a number of directorship roles including OEG

Director, Peggy Mahy

Peggy is in her fourth year as a Principal at The Scots School Albury; an independent, coeducational boarding school on the border between NSW and Victoria.
In all contexts Peggy has sought to enhance the capabilities of teachers with a clear focus on outcomes for students. Peggy is also a firm believer in holistic education and in the power of experiential learning. Her involvement with The Outdoor Education Group extends over 20 years.

Director, Jenny Holliday AM

Jenny brings a diverse set of experiences to her role as an OEG Director having commenced her career in education which included outdoor education and community service programs. Jenny has headed up the Victorian Olympic Council and the People and Parks Foundation and now is a Partner and Lead facilitator at Non Profit Training; working to build capability in not for profit organisations. She has been involved in international, national and local boards and has an Olympic Bronze medal from her 14 year membership of the Australian Softball Team

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Between us we have expertise spanning adventure activities, education, and business. Meaning that, combined, we understand not only the natural world, but the educational ecosystem, and professional climate students graduate into.

Scott Bickley - Sea Kayak Pod Team Mentor

Canoe, Kayak, surf-ski or similar, Scott’s command of watercraft is exceptional. And his passion for passing on knowledge and techniques, similarly so. Going by his father’s words that ‘you can’t teach experience’, Scott believes in the power of hands-on activities. And that learning comes from doing.

Aside from being a Sea Kayak Mentor, Scott also participates in the Young Men, Old Mountains program. Not only because it’s profoundly rewarding to see students grow so much in such a short space of time, but because on every trip he learns something new about himself, too.

Tom Gossip - Group Leader

A graduate of Kurri Kurri TAFE, Tom has been with us with since 2016. His favourite activities are bush-walking and canoeing the Myall Lakes area. And watching students realise how much they’re capable of when they put in the effort.

When not leading students on journeys Into The Wild and Off The Grid, Tom enjoys doing both those things himself. With friends. Or solo. And has made it his personal mission to find all the East Coast’s secret spots. Who knows, some might become OEG destinations.

Sam Roberts - Program Coordinator

When not working in the outdoors, you’ll find Sam outdoors. Because whether for work or play, Sam enjoys being challenged by new and different environments. And returning to favourite destinations, such as Walhalla Thompson, and seeing it with fresh eyes, as Sam believes that ‘No person ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river, and they’re not the same person’.

In his spare time, Sam has rafted the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. All 460km of it.