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Helping young Australians become
real world ready. For life.

We believe that nothing prepares students for real life like the real world.

And that outdoor education is more than hardtop camps and hikes; it’s teaching kids universal skills that will serve them well for life — wherever it takes them.

As Australia’s most accomplished outdoor education provider we’re able to offer a broad range of challenging, hands-on experiences that deliver lessons and learnings with longterm benefits. And, working in partnership with schools, local communities, and indigenous groups, give students of all ages a taste for toughing it out. Building character. And a understanding of themselves, each other, and the environment.

Going somewhere?

We offer three types of Journey. Each delivers different challenges and develops different skills. All are designed to complement curriculums and provide students with hands-on, real world experiences.

start at basecamp

Hardtop camping. Beautiful sites in both VIC and NSW. Activities are specific to the location and are participated in on-site, exclusively.

explore further afield

A large variety of fixed locations + open environments. From the wonders of our National Parks through to bush camping at OEG’s inspirational properties. Activities vary depending on location.

find your own path

Work with OEG to fully customise your Journey; from activities and location, to curriculum and outcomes. Recommended for any and all, no matter what the age.

Let's find the journey that's right for you.