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St Martin de Porres Case Study

By partnering with The Outdoor Education Group, the students attending St Martin de Porres are now receiving unique experiences matching the school’s vision for student development and positive education.

  • School:

    St Martin de Porres

  • Location:

    Sheidow Park, Adelaide, South Australia

  • Student body:

    Approximately 480


St Martin de Porres hoped to improve their outdoor education programming to align with the school’s vision of embedding positive education, better suit the needs of their student body and boost student outcomes. School leadership aimed to provide their students with unique and challenging outdoor education experiences, developing essential capabilities and competencies.


The Outdoor Education Group provided St Martin de Porres with a personalised and comprehensive program design with inbuilt flexible and reactive challenge levels, supporting the School’s strategic approach to student development and positive education.


In partnering with The Outdoor Education Group, St Martin de Porres has implemented outdoor education programs reflecting and enhancing the strategic learning experience delivered on campus with ease. The Outdoor Education Group ensured the transition to a new outdoor education provider was uncomplicated for the school community and school staff feel fully supported from planning through to delivery.

St Martin de Porres

St Martin de Porres opened in 1986 and is a co-education Catholic School within the South West region of Adelaide. In recent years, the school leadership team has been proactive in focusing on positive education and developing new and unique challenges for their student body.

our partnership spans many years


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In 2018, when St Martin de Porres added Year 6 to their school, the leadership team saw an opportunity for change. Positive education was implemented at this time as a whole-school approach. While the school had been using a camps provider for many years, experiences, activities and locations were not varied or attuned to the school’s needs, student outcomes were not central to delivery and much of the organisation fell to the school.

While the school was strategic in shaping and developing their students, the leadership team strongly felt their outdoor education programming should reflect the student-centred approach applied in the classroom and positive education be embedded holistically. Rather than ticking a box, each camp experience should have purpose.

Although the school felt making significant changes might unsettle staff and parents, St Martin de Porres was committed to providing their Year 6 students with positive, challenging and unique experiences, developing their resilience and leadership skills in a supportive and relational environment.


The Outdoor Education Group’s offered St Martin de Porres a personalised end to end solution providing a program specific to the school’s and the cohorts’ needs at the time. Program design aimed to inspire the development of leadership and resilience in their students throughout a variety of learning environments with adaptive and responsive challenge levels. Matching the school’s strategic approach to student development, the Year 6 experience was to take place at the beginning of each school year to prepare them for their final year of primary school.

The school highly valued The Outdoor Education Group’s approach to strengthening students’ interpersonal skills, positive emotions and guiding them beyond their comfort zones; this addressed the school’s desire to embed positive education across all student endeavours.

We trusted The Outdoor Education Group’s expertise in creating varied and responsive programs specific to our school and the needs of each year level.

Ben Catalano, former Deputy Principal, St Martin de Porres


The students attending St Martin de Porres are now receiving an experience matching the school’s vision for student development and positive education.

The Outdoor Education Group removed the burden of organising annual camp experiences from the school’s staff with end to end management of venues, catering, risk management, student, parent and teacher resources.

The Outdoor Education Group’s mechanisms, such as the school portal, providing parents with program details and packing lists, and the simple process of submitting medical forms, made the transition to a new provider uncomplicated for families.

Teaching staff at St Martin de Porres have felt thoroughly supported throughout each experience; they appreciate the Outdoor Educators’ accessibility and assistance outside of activity times. The school reports they had not experienced this level of support before, and their teaching staff are more relaxed while on camp.

Initially, St Martins de Porres was provided with an annual experience for their Year 6 students. With the success of this program, the school extended their suite to include Year 5, strategically linking the two experiences to build on leadership capacities. The school hope to include Year 4 in their leadership building sequence in future.

Having accompanied our students on several camps myself, what stood out to me was the Outdoor Educators were committed to their group of students. They developed a relationship with them, they stayed with them at all times, engaged with them during their breaks and helped us in the evenings put them down to bed.” 

Ben Catalano, former Deputy Principal, St Martin de Porres


Sequential programs offer a transformative experience for your students, introducing them to varying and age-appropriate adventures from one year to the next.

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