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Purpose Statement


We believe that all young people should be real world ready. This means ready for a rapidly changing and unpredictable future where resilience, strength and health will be crucial for tackling the challenges of life. Outdoor education provides powerful, life-changing experiences to young people. A key outcome is developing self-confidence and the motivation to achieve more than they believed possible. However, there are social and economic inequities in society that mean not all young people can access these experiences. This is why have created The Outdoor Education Foundation (the benevolent arm of The Outdoor Education Group) to provide high-quality outdoor education programs to disadvantaged young people who would not otherwise be able to access them.




In 2018, through our newly established Foundation, we’ve been able to contribute almost $125,000 to enable 744 young people from Victoria and NSW to experience life-changing outdoor education programs. We expect this number to grow significantly as we establish partnerships with other strong believers in the value of Outdoor Education.


Our new Foundation website is in development and will be launched as soon as completed.


Our Board and Staff


We are incredibly proud of our new OEF Board and staff – you can learn more about them and their wealth of experience below.




    In 2000, Robert Pascoe was General Manager of Visy Special Events, responsible for development, recycling of all catering packaging products, furniture, fixtures, signage and marketing materials for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, and re-manufacture using recycled raw materials. To this day, the Sydney Olympics are still remembered as the ‘Green Games.’

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    Deputy Chair

    Jenny brings a diverse set of experiences to her role as an OEG Director having commenced her career in education which included outdoor education and community service programs. Jenny has headed up the Victorian Olympic Council and the People and Parks Foundation and now is a Partner and Lead facilitator at Non-Profit Training; working to build capability in not for profit organisations. She has been involved in international, national and local boards and has an Olympic Bronze medal from her 14-year membership of the Australian Softball Team.

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    Richard has worked within the outdoor industry for over 25 years. He has been the Chief Executive of The Outdoor Education Group since January 2016. Previously, Richard was CEO of UK Sailing Academy, Deputy Director at The Prince’s Trust and Operations Director of Fairbridge. He was also Chair of the Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee, the UK’s lead body for safety in adventurous activities. Richard is currently a member of the Sports and Recreation Industry Reference Committee and Chair of the Committee reviewing the Outdoor Recreation Training Package.

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    Dr. Clare Dallat provides operational leadership of the Outdoor Education Foundation. A fervent advocate of outdoor education programs, Clare was introduced to them as a young person growing up during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. From then on, she has worked her whole professional career to enable all young people to access such life-changing and developmental opportunities. Clare has a very unique skill set which includes a PhD and MSc in Safety Science, making her perspective essential to our operation of the Outdoor Education Foundation. She is Executive Director of Research and Innovation at The Outdoor Education Group.

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    Jamie joined The Outdoor Education Group in the first half of 2018. He had a career in industry in various accounting roles before joining the AFL in 2005. He held a number of roles at the AFL including Business Analytics, State Operations Finance, Club and Stadium reporting and Manager of the Soft Cap. He now leads The Outdoor Education Group’s Finance and Resources Division overseeing HR, IT, Resources as well as Finance. In addition, Jamie is The Outdoor Education Group’s Company Secretary.

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