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Mt Atkinson

The Outdoor Education Foundation


This program is a chance for young people to get outside, try some new things and foster stronger bonds with each other. We guarantee you’ll have a great time! The young people will have the opportunity to take part in a trip to the snow, abseiling, rock climbing, an Aboriginal bush foods session and bush initiative activities.


12 - 17 year olds

Trip Length

3 days


Camp Marysville


Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing
Rock climbing on a climbing wall or up a rockface invites students to set their own goals, step by step they develop confidence even if they don’t make it to the top in the beginning.
Our many initiatives can be large or small group activities on the land or water, encouraging social connection, negotiation, problem-solving and adaptability, all while having fun!
Descending a rock face or a climbing tower, we love the views from the top and the courage we see as students aim for their personal best and encourage one another.
Encourage an understanding and appreciation for history and diversity by connecting students to a different way of life through storytelling, bushcraft and more.
Addressing outcomes centring on physical and mental health, positive attitudes, active contribution, focus and a strong sense of identity.



04/08/2023 – 06/08/2023


Students will depart on Friday 4th August at 9:00 from:

Kirrip Place

26 Exford Rd

Melton South


Students will return on Sunday 6th August to Kirrip Place at 3:30.


  • While students can bring their mobile phone on this camp, for most of the program we will be in outdoor environments where damage to the device could occur. It is the student’s responsibility to look after their phone.
  • For much of the program students will be out of mobile reception range. If in the case of emergency, parents need to contact to a student, please contact the Field Duty Manager on 0428 576 281.
  • Safe and respectful behaviours  govern mobile phone use on this program. Students will have set times when they can use their device and must have notifications silenced. They also cannot take or distribute photos of others without their permission or post photos to social media.


If students are unwell at departure, they won’t be able to attend the program.  If they become unwell on camp, parents/guardians will be contacted to provide transport home.


Students actions and behaviours contribute to the camp experience and the safety of everyone.  It is the student’s responsibility to be safe, be learning, show respect and to enjoy the experience.  Following the safety instructions of staff is essential.  If student’s behaviour repeatedly or significantly impacts the safety of themselves or others they may be required to leave the program transported by a parent/guardian.


Please bring:

  • Full water bottles
  • Lunch for the first day
  • No nuts
  • All items in your personal bag – loose items can get misplaced easily
  • Personal medications
Program outline


The Food
Clothing and equipment checklist
Gearing up
The Outdoor Education Foundation

“This camp taught and showed me a bunch of new things which I really enjoyed learning about. I made tons of new friends who are all so friendly and nice to everyone. The food is great, the cabins are awesome and I had so much fun with my friends. I really enjoyed my stay at the camp and would recommend it to others.”


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