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Helping young Australians get real world ready
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Welcome to The Outdoor Education Group! We’re thrilled to have you join our team and contribute to our mission of helping students connect with the natural world through outdoor education.

As a new team member, there are a few things you need to know to make your onboarding process as smooth and productive as possible.



Our Operations roles are focused on managing the logistical and administrative aspects of our organization. Our operations staff are responsible for ensuring that our programs run smoothly and that we maintain high standards of safety, sustainability, and excellence.

Outdoor Education

Our outdoor education roles are focused on delivering transformative outdoor experiences to participants. Our outdoor education staff are responsible for designing and delivering programs that help participants connect with the natural world, build resilience, and develop leadership skills.


Our Administration roles are essential to the smooth operation of our organization. Our administrators play a crucial role in supporting our programs, participants, and team.

Employee Benefits

As an employer, we offer a range of different employee benefits. One of these benefits is flexible working arrangements, which can be particularly beneficial for seasonal or project-based positions. Additionally, employees are eligible for pro deals, which can provide significant discounts on outdoor gear and equipment from industry partners. Other benefits may include 5-7 weeks of annual leave for full-time team members, professional development opportunities, and housing options for remote (NT) positions. These benefits are designed to support employees and create a positive work environment.

Employee Wellbeing

OEG recognises the importance of employee wellbeing and has implemented various initiatives to support their teams physical and mental health.

One of OEG’s key initiatives is their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provided through Uprise, which provides confidential counselling and support services for staff members and their families. The EAP is available 24/7 and helps with a range of issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and financial concerns.

OEG places a strong emphasis on physical wellbeing and encourages staff to stay active and healthy. OEG also recognises the importance of work-life balance and provides flexible work arrangements to support employee well-being and family commitments.